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# Red Pills CNC : A Short Movie[Skit] | Indie Zone Cinema | Kraky | Kevin Singh | Indie Short Movie

## Dark Web: A Creepy Encounter

In the short movie « Red Pills CNC, » the characters Ronny and Ravi engage in a conversation about a movie they watched on the dark web. The eerie and unsettling nature of the film leaves them both in a state of shock and fear.

## The Link to the Dark Web

Curiosity gets the best of Ravi as he offers to send Ronny a link to the dark web. Despite the warnings and potential dangers, Ronny agrees to receive the link on WhatsApp, showing a mix of intrigue and apprehension.

## A Deal Gone Wrong

As the storyline progresses, Ronny finds himself in a precarious situation with an agent. The agent offers Ronny a significant sum of money in exchange for his involvement in the creation of drugs. The negotiation takes a dark turn as Ronny requests a higher payment, leading to a tense exchange between the two characters.

## The Confrontation

In a separate storyline, the character Rebel finds himself at odds with a cop. The confrontation escalates as Rebel reveals shocking truths about the cop’s involvement in criminal activities on the dark web. The revelation sets off a chain of events that culminate in a dramatic and intense confrontation between the two characters.

## The Dark Side of the Web

« Red Pills CNC » explores the dark and dangerous world of the dark web, highlighting the sinister activities that take place in its shadows. The film delves into themes of crime, deception, and moral ambiguity, leaving the audience on edge as the characters navigate the treacherous terrain of the digital underground.

Overall, « Red Pills CNC » offers a gripping and suspenseful narrative that sheds light on the hidden dangers of the dark web, making it a compelling watch for fans of indie cinema.


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