Kicks (2023) | Drama Short Film | MYM


# Kicks (2023) | Drama Short Film | MYM

## The Sounds of the Game
The video opens with the sounds of a frenetic football match, setting the stage for the intense narrative that follows.

## A Message for Patrick
The coach instructs Patrick to take it easy for the rest of the game and reminds him of their strategy.

## On the Field
As Patrick takes to the field, he is encouraged to work the channels and take on his opponents.

## Unexpected Turn of Events
A moment of distraction leads to a regrettable accident on the field, causing tension among the players.

## Release
Patrick receives unexpected news of his release from the team, prompting a range of emotions and reactions.

## Flashback
Flashback voices from a meeting with the manager provide context for the difficult decision that has been made.

## Training Day
Despite setbacks, Patrick remains determined to pursue his passion for football and prepares for upcoming trials.

## Lessons Learned
Through challenges and setbacks, Patrick reflects on the importance of perseverance and dedication in achieving his goals.

## Conclusion
The film captures the highs and lows of pursuing a dream in the competitive world of football, leaving viewers with a sense of hope and resilience.


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