Holy Spirit Action | with Joyce Wilkinson | Hillsong Berlin (DE, PL, ES, PT, EN, MK)


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# Sunday Experience Online: Hillsong Berlin

## Sisterhood and Breakfast Club Events
This week at Hillsong Berlin, we invite you to join us at Sisterhood and Breakfast Club. These events are a fantastic opportunity for both men and women to come together, encourage each other, and grow in community.

### Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club is a space for guys to connect, talk about life, and discuss leadership. It’s a great way to start your day with positive energy and support from like-minded individuals.

### Sisterhood
Sisterhood is a gathering for women to empower each other and make a positive impact on the world around us. It’s a place where we come together, get inspired, and support one another in our journeys.

## Upcoming Events and Special Sundays
– **Vision Sunday with Senior Pastor Brian Houston**: Save the date for the 14th of February as we come together for a special Vision Sunday with our Senior Pastor. It’s a significant moment for our global Hillsong Church community.
– **Heart and Soul Night**: Our recent Heart and Soul Night focused on vision and moving forward as a Church community. This year is all about Holy Spirit action, and we are excited for what’s to come.
– **Worship and Message**: Join us for worship and a powerful message from Pastor Joyce as we dive into the Word and grow in our faith together.

## Prayer Requests and Praise Reports
During our time together, we lift up prayers for our community, those in need, and celebrate the victories with praise reports. It’s a time to come together in faith and gratitude for all that God has done in our lives.

## Giving as Praise
Our giving is an act of praise and trust in God. As we contribute to the work of the Church, we honor Him and demonstrate our faith in His provision and goodness. Let’s continue to worship through our giving and see the fruit of trust in our relationship with Him.

## Pastor Joyce’s Birthday Celebration
We conclude our time together with a special birthday celebration for Pastor Joyce. As a community, we express our love and appreciation for her leadership and dedication to serving the Hillsong Berlin family.

As we wrap up our Sunday Experience Online, let’s carry the spirit of community, worship, and growth with us throughout the week. Thank you for being a part of our journey at Hillsong Berlin. See you next time!


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