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# The Evolution of Gaming: From Arcade Machines to Online Leaderboards

## Remembering the Classic Arcade Gaming Era
Do you remember those times when gaming was based on trips to saloons and playing on arcade machines? This is what entertainment used to be like. One would go to a specific place where the machine was, insert a coin and get a few lives of the main character in return. Points were an integral part of this past entertainment. During the gameplay, players collected various items and killed various monsters, which gave them the increment of obtained score. If any player accumulated enough of these virtual currency, the machine placed him in the highscores leaderboard visible in the main menu, and as you can easily guess, it was a huge satisfaction. This experience describes among others Derek Yu in his book « Spelunky ».

## The Persistence of Classic Gaming Mechanics
Over the years, points and lives have been abandoned and replaced with less frustrating exp and an hp bar. Nevertheless, to this day there are productions which contain this twentieth-century mechanics. One of them is a Polish game called « Po prostu Łoś » (eng. « Just Moose »). Just like the classics games from the eighties, Łoś contains both the level progression and the previously mentioned mechanisms of lives and points. So if points have there a similar purpose as in for example Pac-Man or Tetris, we can easily ask: Who is the world record holder? Who obtained the most points? And how has the world record progressed over the past two decades in which Łoś existed?

## Establishing the Proof Standards
Much research was required to answer these questions. Nevertheless, before we delve into the world record progression of Łoś, it’s important to establish the concept of proof standards. Each score presented will be categorized into one of three proof standards: low, medium, and high. The low standard is assigned to records indirectly concluded from internet sources, the medium standard applies to records with surviving screens or game save files, and the high standard requires unedited video evidence.

## The World Record Progression of Łoś
The world record progression of Łoś is a challenging task due to the game’s limited global popularity. Therefore, the information presented here is the most probable version of events, subject to future verification. Three separate world record progressions will be presented based on the three proof standards to ensure accuracy and transparency in recording achievements. Stay tuned as we explore the evolution of gaming from the classic arcade era to the modern online leaderboards, tracing the journey of Łoś and its world record holders.


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