A Day with Grandma and Her Sons


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# A Day with Grandma and Her Sons

## Going to the City for Medical Treatment
Grandma and her sons are preparing to take Abbas to a bigger city for medical treatment. Abbas has a serious infection in his tooth, and they need to seek help in a larger town. The family wishes them well as they embark on this journey.

## Concern for Abbas’ Health
The family expresses concern for Abbas’ well-being, as he may need surgery for his condition. They bid farewell and hope for a successful treatment for Abbas.

## A Farewell and Good Wishes
As Abbas and his companions leave for the city, they receive blessings and well-wishes from the family. The family asks to be informed about Abbas’ progress and to call them with updates.

## Crafting Musk at the Farm
Later in the day, Grandma explains the process of making musk using oak bark in goat skins. This traditional method helps maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the musk. The family discusses the duration of soaking the oak bark in the musk for optimal results.

## Family Moments and Caring Gestures
Throughout the day, the family shares tender moments and caring gestures. From tending to injuries to enjoying tea together, their bond and love for each other shine through.

## Conclusion
A day spent with Grandma and her sons is filled with love, care, and traditional practices. From seeking medical treatment to crafting musk, the family’s day is a blend of modern concerns and age-old traditions.


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