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# Conversations with Filmmakers: Black British Creators

## Introduction
In the second series of conversations with filmmakers, Anthony Andrews from We Are the Parable hosts a round of advice specifically for Black British creators. This online takeover, part of the Who We Are Takeover, delves into the artistry behind Black British film. Four remarkable filmmakers from Britain join the discussion to share insights into their work and experiences.

## Nosa Eke
Nosa Eke describes himself as a platform-agnostic writer/director, creating stories across various mediums such as film, TV, games, and interactive storytelling. His recent work includes the narrative short film « Something in the Closet, » which centers around a queer teenager and the manifestation of their hidden secrets. Nosa’s storytelling often explores themes of identity within genre backdrops, and he is currently developing a pitch film titled « The Young and the Dopeness, » featuring a queer teenager navigating a night of self-discovery in the world of streetwear.

## Stephan Pierre Mitchell
Stephan Pierre Mitchell, a classically trained actor turned filmmaker, draws inspiration from his diverse upbringing in foster homes with a white mother and a black Caribbean stepfather. His film « Deleted » delves into the complexities of relationships and rejection, as a man navigates love, parenthood, and the allure of human-like sex robots. Through his work, Stephan confronts social issues with honesty and personal experiences, infusing passion and authenticity into his storytelling.

## Tomisin Adepeju
Tomisin Adepeju, a writer/director, shares his journey of cultural identity as a Nigerian immigrant in England. The clash of cultures and the search for belonging shaped his perspective on storytelling. Discovering film at a young age, Tomisin found a transformative power in cinema that allowed him to express himself and connect with others. His films reflect his dual heritage and the complexities of identity, exploring themes of loss, belonging, and self-discovery.

## Conclusion
These filmmakers exemplify the rich tapestry of voices and narratives within the Black British creative community. Through their unique backgrounds and storytelling approaches, they contribute to a vibrant and diverse cinematic landscape. As they continue to push boundaries and share their truths, they inspire a new generation of creators to embrace their heritage and tell their stories with authenticity and passion.


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