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# What Happened to Pamela Anderson in 2021 and 2022?

## A Little About Pamela’s Entertainment History
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past several decades, you know that Pam’s personal life has sometimes outshined her life as a celebrity. Most of us who loved the 1990s remember her as the extremely sexy lifeguard C.J. Walker from the beloved show Baywatch. If you are not that old, then you’ve very likely seen her in other areas of her work. For example, Pam has the title for the most Playboy Magazine covers ever! Pam Anderson has appeared on 14 Playboy covers! Pam’s first one was in 1989 before she even got her role on Baywatch, and she made the cover again and again, each time looking more stunning than before. Pam broke the record in 2011 after making the cover of the iconic men’s magazine thirteen times, and was actually the very last model to pose completely naked for pictures in the magazine in the fall of 2015 when the publication changed its nudity rules.

## Pam’s Multiple Husbands
After two and a half decades of marriages, Pamela Anderson had eloped five different times. Here are her past hubbies.

### Dan Hayhurst
On Christmas Eve of 2020, the 53-year-old diva married a bodybuilder named Dan Hayhurst. The pair were married in a private ceremony at the same home where her parents were joined in holy matrimony (the house she bought from her grandparents many years ago) and she told People Magazine that she feels like she’s exactly where she needs to be in life with him. Dan is actually her bodyguard, and according to HITC he doesn’t have a public Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account. He is apparently a really private person compared to Pam, so I guess opposites really do attract!

### Jon Peters
The marriage to Jon Peters (who is over twenty years older than Pamela) was not a legitimate one, according to sources. She disputed it to USA Today, saying that it was really just a whirlwind type of relationship and that they had never even been physically involved, just really good friends. Jon actually told reporters that he had been in love with Pam for over thirty years, and that as a successful movie producer he could have chosen any pretty lady he wanted. But Pam was just the apple of his eye. Still, the union between the two long-time friends (of which Jon never officially filed paperwork for) only lasted about two weeks!

### Rick Salomon
Pamela married Rick twice, and he reportedly wanted to get back with her again a third time! Each marriage lasted about a year, the first one starting in 2007 and ending in an annulment in 2008. The second one was in 2014 and ended in a divorce a year later. Rick was a popular poker player, is just a year younger than Pam, and is also known for the tape that he made with Paris Hilton that was called One Night In Paris.

### Tommy Lee
This was Pamela’s first husband, and they got married after just a few days of initially meeting each other! Although the drummer from the band Motley Crue ended up doing several months in jail at the end of the marriage for being violent towards her, the couple had two sons together, one named Dylan and the other Brandon. They were married in 1995, made a tape online, split up, got back together in 2001, split up again, then lived together again in 2008 before breaking up, again. Talk about a whirlwind…whew! By the way, that tape was actually stolen from them, then released online. But, apparently, a series about it and their up and down relationship is going to be made into a TV series in 2022 according to reports.

## Pam’s Past Money Problems
Like many other celebrities, Pamela Anderson has had her run-ins with the IRS. She has told the public in recent years that she was not purposefully avoiding them in any way, and that the situation of her tax debt was both embarrassing and out of her control. The worst years of her money problems were seemingly between 2009 and 2012. This is when the two tax liens came about (which totaled over $350,000) and the IRS put a claim on her home, a residence that she was eventually forbidden to sell. It was in 2011 that she was hit with both the $260,000 and a $112,000 liens, and it was actually not her first time being in trouble with the agency. After being such a huge star for so many years, her fans were undoubtedly confused as to how Pam could actually be in trouble taxwise. But, when ABC News reported it in 2010, everyone knew that it was official. In the spring of that year, they exposed her for being one of the most tax-delinquent people in the entire state of California, and that she owed over $490,000 in income taxes.

In 2009 it was…


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