Kristian Zen – WORDS [song FUSIFORM by ANITEK + EN sub]


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Kristian Zen – WORDS [song FUSIFORM by ANITEK + EN sub]

Oceans of Feelings

Feeling waves are rolling through my being, cleansing my mind and empowering mankind. Love fills my heart, and I embrace it fully.

Overcoming Fear

Despite my fears, I express myself boldly and passionately. I refuse to let words hold me back, as I embrace the present moment with love and responsibility.

Breaking Free from Expectations

I release myself from the burden of expectations and opinions. I choose to live in the mystery of life, breaking free from old habits and embracing mental freedom.

Embracing the Unknown

In the vast expanse of existence, my heart beats with the rhythm of life. I let go of preconceived notions and embrace the beauty of the unknown.


Words have the power to shape our reality, but we have the choice to give them weight or let them go. Embracing love, freedom, and mystery, I choose to live fully in the present moment.


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