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# Maximizing Fan Engagement: A Guide for DIY Artists
## Understanding the Method Behind Artist Promotion
Everyone can see that their favorite artists do a ton of things to keep themselves top of mind for their fans. But when most DIY artists attempt to replicate this, they make crucial mistakes. Many people don’t realize that there is a method and some organizational tips to keep fans engaged with you so you constantly grow and continue to accelerate how fast that growth happens. In this video, Jesse Cannon, a music marketing nerd, explains what this method looks like and how it affects algorithms and human attention spans.

## The Power of Consistent Sustained Promotion
One of the key strategies for successful artist promotion is consistent sustained promotion. This involves doing something small every other week and something big on the weeks in between. By maximizing the attention economy in this way, artists can capture fans’ attention, keep them thinking about them, and attract new fans. This method, outlined in Cannon’s book « Get More Fans, » has been utilized by many successful artists in the industry.

## The Importance of Planning
Warren Buffet once said, “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” This quote highlights the significance of planning in the music business. Having a solid promotional plan can help artists leverage their charisma and musical prowess to attract and retain fans. Planning is essential for executing consistent sustained promotion effectively.

## Leveraging Eventful Releases
A core aspect of consistent sustained promotion is the release strategy. By releasing music along with engaging content like videos, lyric videos, and visualizers at regular intervals, artists can keep their audience engaged. Eventful releases capture fans’ attention and tap into their natural inclination to bond with artists who are doing interesting things. This strategy is crucial for building a lasting and meaningful relationship with fans.

## The Ingredients to Success
Consistency is key when it comes to sustained promotion. While some artists may not release music as frequently, it’s important to remember that they likely already have a platform in place. DIY artists must work consistently to make their music known to a wider audience. By following a structured promotional plan and focusing on creating meaningful connections with fans, artists can set themselves up for long-term success in the industry.


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