49 Reports Recipes



49 Reports Recipes

Simpra Inventory – Reports – Recipes

Simpra Inventory offers a feature where you can generate a report of the recipes defined in the system. This report provides detailed information about the content of each recipe, recipe units, cost based on sales price, and cost based on the average store price.

Accessing the Recipes Report

To access the recipes report, navigate to the Reports section in the Simpra Inventory interface. Here, you can view the cost calculation according to the sales price or the weighted moving average of any store within your system.

Viewing Recipe Details

By selecting a specific recipe group, you can delve deeper into the details of the recipes contained within that group. Upon entering the parameters and submitting them, you will receive a report showcasing the relevant recipe details.

Searching for Recipes

If you wish to search for a specific recipe, you can do so by entering the recipe name and generating a report for that particular recipe. For example, typing « Burger » will display all recipes starting with the word « Burger. »

Displaying Recipe Information

By activating the Show Detail button, you can view the quantity, cost, and cost percentages of the products included in a recipe. This provides a comprehensive overview of the recipe contents.

Printing and Sharing Reports

If you have a printer connected to your computer, you can directly print the received report. Additionally, you have the option to download the report in various formats or send it via email in the appropriate format.


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