Mglisty ranek – Małgosia Nowak « Effatha »


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# Mglisty ranek – Małgosia Nowak « Effatha »

## A new day full of hope
On a foggy morning, sipping on a cup of coffee, you are faced with the unknown. The road ahead is long, but as the dawn rises above the world, you take a breath of frosty fog and look towards the horizon. It may be a mix of good and bad, but remember, you are doing a good job.

## Guided by angels
You are never alone, as God has given you His angels to watch over you. You are in His hands, and He looks at you with love and hope. You are meant to be a blessing for others, spreading happiness and joy. This is His divine plan for you.

## Embracing the journey
As the sky clears and the sun shines through, you continue on your path. Sometimes there will be rain and challenges, but you will never regret being a force for good. Embrace the misty mornings and the unknown future, for you are meant to find happiness and fulfillment along the way.


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