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# How to Make Giant M&M’s: A Fun Birthday Surprise

## Introduction
Hello Crafters! Welcome here today! We’re going to do something really interesting which are… These giant M&M’s! I think they’re perfect to surprise someone on their birthday. Remember we also do the crazy live streaming on mixer, I’ll leave you the link below so you can see where they are and the next date. Also remember that in order to not miss out on any video you just have to click on the red button that says « Subscribe » and activate the bell. Now let’s start with the tutorial!

## Ingredients and Preparation
The first thing we’ll need are marshmallows preferably white ones, we’re going to use 10 big ones on a container for microwave. Put them in for 15 seconds. Take them out and mix it a little, and place it in for another 15 seconds. This second time it’ll come out fluffy like this look. Take it to the table. Now, serve on a deep bowl this rice cereal that’s white and inflated. Preferably leave some space on the top of the bowl but not that much. Start integrating it slowly with the melted marshmallow. Right now it’s a lot easier to mix it with a spoon, check out that it has an edible slime consistency and keep adding on the cereal until you have a little bit less sticky consistency. Then, you’ll be able to work with your hands. The only thing you have to do is add a little bit of butter to avoid it sticks.

## Assembly of the Giant M&M’s
Now add a little bit of butter on the container we’re going to use which is a deep bowl but a little bit extended and we’ll add our mixture of marshmallow with cereal. The idea is to fix it so that it looks like this but if you notice, it’s a little bit bumpy from here like if it was hardening up. What we’ll do is place it on the microwave for 10 seconds and give it a shape with your fingers. If you still feel like it’s missing something, you can add it to the microwave for 10 seconds more. Remember we need two of these to make an M&M. This one has had 3 trips to the microwave to make it look really prefect because the idea is to have a good M&M so this is a very crucial part. Make sure it looks pretty but that it doesn’t end up super tight or else it’ll be inedible because it ends up really hard. Now, we’re going to let it cool off. Look now we have our two halves of cold M&M’s. It’s important for you to let them cool off because if you use them warm, they might lose their shape and they won’t end up as a half circle it’ll end up squished; so let it cool off. The idea for the M&M’s is to have gifts inside so now it’s time to fill them up when they are cold; if it’s hot, don’t do it. I’m going to put really awesome things, a squash card and chocolate coins. On this part which is the more dented part. And we’re going to place them carefully. It has to end up with a little bit of space otherwise it’ll end up stained when we close it. You’ll see that there has to be space. To be able to close up our giant M&M, we need cake shop chocolate the kind you can melt. I’m going to use white so that it can get lost with the cereal that’s the same color. Add it on the corners while having our cereal on the bowl. Place the other part on top and we’ll wait a while for it to paste. That’s when our chocolate hardens up and afterwards, start covering it up and removing the imperfections or the holes we have. Right here I thought it was easier to close it up by holding the M&M with my hand just don’t squish it too tightly because it might break. Now, let this cool off completely to make it look like this. This is our closed M&M. Still colorless but delicious.

## Decorating the Giant M&M’s
The covering of our M&M will be made using fondant. You can buy it at bakery stores already made or if you want to make it, I’ll leave you the recipe above so you can do it at home. Cover a surface with powdered sugar to avoid it gets stuck. And start coloring it. I’m going to use red. Remember to use gel colorings so that it doesn’t end up sticky. The bad thing about intense colors is that you need a lot of coloring rounds. But look at the end we ended up with these colors. Sprinkle more powdered sugar onto the table because we’re going to stretch out the fondant. We need a rolling pin or if you don’t have one, use a glass container like this one that’s smooth and we’re going to flatten it up. The secret here is that we need it to be round so stretch it out towards all of the sides so you end up with a circle. It has to end up being thin but not too thin. Once you have it ready, we’re going to cover half of our M&M. Place it sort of as if it was its skirt and afterwards we’ll cut it right at the half trying to make a clean and straight cut if not you’ll have to fix up what you did wrong. Like me that I cut it wrong and I had a hole left so I have to stretch it out to cover all of it. But okay now that we fixed it we’ll add the fondant on top again. Very well. And we’ll use what we had leftover to make another circle. Remember they have to have the same thickness to make them look the same on both sides. Here what I’ll do is cut off the excess. And now, guess what? I need to lift it up because it’s easier to work with the M&M at a face height. There, I’ll use edible water to paste the sides and ends up closed up from the middle. While we let the red fondant dry off, we’re going to work with white fondant to make the « M ». Stretch it out so that it becomes flat and then we’re going to use this « M » template which you’ll be able to download on the link in the description box. Cut it with the knife, and very carefully remove the excess so that you won’t cut off a piece and now we have it ready! We’re going to paste this one using edible water on the top part of our circle. Finished! In order for this to be a lot funner, we need to make more M&M’s. I recommend you…

## Conclusion
By following these steps, you can create your own giant M&M’s to surprise someone special on their birthday. These colorful and delicious treats are sure to be a hit at any celebration. So, gather your ingredients and get creative in the kitchen to make your very own giant M&M’s today!


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