The Price For A Princess (2024) Award Winning Drama Short | MYM


# The Price For A Princess (2024) Award-Winning Drama Short | MYM

## A Heart-Wrenching Call for Help
At the start of the video, we see Princess trying to wake up her unconscious mother. Desperate for help, she makes a distressing call to emergency services, revealing the harrowing scene of her collapsed mother surrounded by pills and blood. Despite the tragic situation, Princess shows immense strength and composure.

## A Troubling Offer from an Old Friend
As Princess navigates the aftermath of her mother’s collapse, she receives an unexpected offer from an old friend, Tyler. Tyler urges her to join his team for quick money, but Princess hesitates, knowing that his dealings are not entirely legal. With Princess’s newfound responsibilities, she must weigh her options carefully.

## A Father’s Deception Unveiled
Princess’s life takes a dramatic turn when she confronts her father about his secret life as a drug dealer. Shocked and disillusioned, Princess grapples with the harsh reality of her father’s actions. Despite his promises to change, Princess must decide whether to trust him again or seek refuge with her grandfather.

## A Promise of Redemption
In a heartfelt moment, Princess’s father vows to turn his life around for her sake. He promises to find legitimate work and make amends for his past mistakes. Touched by his sincerity, Princess cautiously agrees to give him another chance, setting the stage for a hopeful future.

## A Daughter’s Ultimatum
Before moving forward, Princess lays down a clear ultimatum for her father. She warns him that any return to his criminal activities will result in her leaving to live with her grandfather. With the weight of her words hanging in the air, Princess and her father face a pivotal moment of truth and redemption.

As « The Price For A Princess » unfolds, viewers are taken on an emotional journey of family, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Through the characters’ struggles and triumphs, the film explores the enduring bond between a parent and child, highlighting the lengths one will go to protect and care for their loved ones.


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