SingleZilla (Sketch Comedy Short)


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SingleZilla (Sketch Comedy Short)

Amelia! This is it! It’s the one.

Amelia, it’s beautiful. I love it.

Ewww, that is not the dress for you.

Uhh. There’s something seriously wrong with it.

I think it’s defective.

Oh no sweetie, it’s not the dress.

What do you mean by that?

It’s couture.

The three other bridesmaids look so good in it.

They did?

Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll be planning your wedding soon enough.

She’s the single one right? Yeah. So her dress has really gonna pop if she’s gonna find a future husband.

Maybe you’ll meet someone on the gram (Godzilla noise)

or at the wedding.

That is if she doesn’t injure herself trying to catch the bouquet.

(Godzilla Transformation Noises)


Actually, I’m just really working on myself right now.

Marriage is an obsolete social construct.

I pushed her too far. It must’ve triggered her.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. Pretty soon bridal parties will be archaic relics of the past.

We have to talk her off the Single Zilla ledge so she’ll snap back.

Not all single women want to be wallpapered by the patriarchy.

Talk to her! Ahh what do I say?

Have you tried online dating?

(Godzilla Roar)

No, no, no, not the cake! Oh no! Not the cake!

Is she hungry? Not the cake, not the cake, please, please.

I love you for who you who, not who you’re with.

I don’t care if you’ve never enter into a legally binding contract with anyone.

This has been so freaking stressful!

(Pained Roar) Keep going, keep going.

This is a 50 billion dollar industry that’s fueled by tapping into people’s insecurities about themselves and their own relationships.

Hey, watch it. I mean, it’s true. I guess fair enough.

Oh my god! Yes! Oh my god!

What happened? I’m covered in gluten and hostility.


I am going to elope. Bye.

Excuse me, you haven’t paid for your dresses.

I can’t hear anything you’re saying.


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