Drive Rush Oki Tutorial | Street Fighter 6


# Drive Rush Oki Tutorial | Street Fighter 6

## What is Oki in Street Fighter 6?
If you’re not familiar with the term « Oki » in Street Fighter 6, it refers to the advantage you gain and should use after knocking down your opponent. The goal is to stay close to your opponent after they’ve been knocked down in order to maintain pressure and control the pace of the fight.

## The Importance of Dry Rush for Oki Advantage
In Street Fighter 6, traditional dash setups no longer provide the same advantage they did in previous versions of the game. This is where using Dry Rush comes into play. By utilizing Dry Rush instead of dashing, you can maintain a significant advantage over your opponent and keep the pressure on.

## Examples of Using Dry Rush for Oki
Characters like Ryu and Marissa showcase the effectiveness of Dry Rush for Oki advantage. By incorporating Dry Rush into your combos and mix-ups, you can create opportunities to extend your pressure and punish your opponent’s defensive options.

## Mind Games and Countering Wake-Up Options
When dealing with opponents who like to wake up with DP or parry, strategic use of Dry Rush can help you bait out these defensive maneuvers and punish accordingly. By mixing up your approach and utilizing throws, you can keep your opponent guessing and maintain control of the match.

## Conclusion
Understanding the importance of Drive Rush for Oki advantage in Street Fighter 6 can elevate your gameplay and lead to more successful offensive strategies. By incorporating these techniques into your gameplay, you can keep your opponents on their toes and secure more victories in the world of competitive fighting games.


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