A Theorist’s Overview of MYM (Episode 7)



# A Theorist’s Overview of MYM (Episode 7)

## Introduction
Hello everybrony, I am LightningStripe, and today, it’s time to continue our review with Episode 7.

## The Lantern Mystery Unfolds
Following where we left off, immediately Misty choses to steal the lantern. Zipp almost catches her, but she manages to escape in the cover of night. However, Zipp immediately notices the missing spot once she wakes up and goes full detective mode to try and find it. However, it’s actually her sister who finds it instead, because Misty chose to bury it in the garden. Pipp sees how happy her sister is with the mystery and decides to hide it somewhere else to keep things going. Now Misty is looking for it as well.

## Miscommunication and Social Anxiety
Sunny is also worried about her lantern, so she decides to try to power it up by gathering a lot of ponies together, hoping their unity magic will help her find it, and also goes on the search. Zipp interrogates Izzy, who says that she took the lantern out to gather berries, but put it back afterwards. After some more digging, the trail leads back to Misty, who immediately runs away to try to escape. She would have been found out if it wasn’t for Pipp, who jumps in to stop the confrontation and tell Zipp that she is the one who has the lantern. Misty reveals that she was running away due to social anxiety, likely caused by spending her whole life with Opaline, who is always yelling at her.

## Reconciliation and Confrontation
Right before Sunny tells everyone in Maretime bay about the missing lantern, they return it to her. After that, the lantern powers up and glows, meaning it’s connected to Friendship Magic in some way. Zipp decides to take the lantern for some “scientific analysis”, which worries Misty as she will have to confront Opaline with failure yet again. Opaline expresses her dissatisfaction and reminds Misty that she is her only friend and the key to getting a cutie mark. Misty promises that nothing like this will happen again, but Opaline has a different plan involving Dragonfire.

## Conclusion
What’s so special about Dragonfire? What’s Zipp gonna find after studying the lantern? What would you do to Opaline if you found her? Leave your thoughts down below in the comments, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe, and, as always, remember, Friendship is Magic.


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