200 Day of Bushwalking, Build off-grid cabin, Flooring with natural stone, Caring for hired cows


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200 Days of Bushwalking: Building an Off-Grid Cabin and Caring for Hired Cows


Thanh, a resident of a mountainous region in northern Vietnam, embarked on a journey to build a small farm with lush vegetable gardens. This video chronicles the first days of Thanh’s passion for farming and construction.

Building the Off-Grid Cabin

Thanh’s dream of constructing his own farm with beautiful houses and pets led him to care for a herd of about 40 bison. He decided to move to a new location and tend to the cows. The cool climate and summer season in Vietnam inspired Thanh to combine living on the farm and caring for the cows. He began by cleaning the grass and gathering materials to build a shelter.

Flooring with Natural Stone

Equipped with tools like a knife, hammer, saw, hoe, and shovel, Thanh worked to clean the ground and lay the foundation for the house. He meticulously dug trenches for laying the flooring and used flat natural stones to create a solid and clean foundation.

Caring for Hired Cows

As Thanh continued his construction work, he found dried trees carried by the flood for building materials. He also visited the cows, ensuring they had a separate space for grazing and access to clean water. Thanh’s dedication to his work and the well-being of the cows showcased his commitment to farming.

Future Plans

After completing the assigned task from his uncle, Thanh received funds to establish his own small farm. Despite his family’s move to a new location, Thanh remained focused on building a sustainable homestead. His plans included fishing for food, growing vegetables for sale, and investing in water turbines for electricity production.


As Thanh’s journey continues, he looks forward to the next phase of his farming and construction project. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming episodes. Thank you for following along!


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