Test ride of the Lankeleisi Xt750 400 Watt Ebike!


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# Test ride of the Lankeleisi Xt750 400 Watt Ebike!

## Overview
Hey everyone, today I had the opportunity to try out a new e-bike, the Lankeleisi Xt750. This e-bike features a 400-watt motor, weighs about 21 kilos, operates on volts, and can carry up to 180 kilos. Instead of just looking at the specs, I decided to take it out for a real-world test to see how it performs. If you’re interested in this e-bike, you can find a link in the description.

## Size and Handling
First off, I found that this e-bike is a bit too large for me. The recommended minimum height for a rider is 165 centimeters, while I am 160 centimeters tall. It was a bit of a struggle for me to walk and push the bike around, and the brake levers didn’t quite fit my hands. I recommend being at least 165 centimeters tall and weighing at least 70 kilos to handle this bike comfortably. With a weight capacity of 180 kilos, this e-bike is more suitable for larger riders.

## Pros and Cons
### Cons:
– It has a key and a remote control, which can be a bit counterintuitive to use.
– The acceleration in assist mode is not as smooth as on high-end e-bikes.
– You may need to splice cables if you want to keep your phone and other electronics charged.

### Pros:
– Front and rear suspensions provide a comfortable ride.
– The bike folds up and can be easily transported in the back of a taxi.
– The 400-watt motor is strong and reliable, making it suitable for hills and cargo carrying.

## Conclusion
Overall, the Lankeleisi Xt750 is an excellent medium-priced e-bike that is powerful, built-to-last, and very usable as a regular bicycle. It is best suited for larger, stronger riders who anticipate carrying cargo or groceries. If you are smaller in size and strength, you may find it challenging to handle. Once you get past the initial learning curve, this e-bike is easy to use and great for getting around town. I can definitely recommend it for those who fit the intended user profile.

That’s it for today’s review. If you’d like to see more e-bike reviews or trips around Shenzhen, let me know in the comments. Remember, if I can do it, anyone can do it!


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