Judge stops Jodi Hildebrandt from selling her assets



Judge stops Jodi Hildebrandt from selling her assets

Washington County judge intervenes

A Washington County judge has put a halt to Jodi Hildebrandt’s plans to sell any of her assets until further notice. This decision comes in response to a request by Kevin Franke, who is seeking compensation after his two children endured months of physical and mental abuse allegedly inflicted by Hildebrandt and her former partner.

Assets frozen

The judge’s ruling effectively freezes Hildebrandt’s assets, preventing her from liquidating them while the legal proceedings unfold. This move aims to ensure that any potential funds from the sale of assets remain intact for possible restitution to the victims of the alleged abuse.

Legal battle continues

As the legal battle between Kevin Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt unfolds, the court’s decision to halt the sale of assets adds another layer of complexity to the case. The outcome of this dispute will have significant implications for all parties involved, as well as for the broader issue of accountability in cases of domestic abuse.

Precedent set

This development sets a precedent for how courts handle similar cases of alleged abuse and financial compensation. By taking decisive action to protect potential assets, the judge is sending a clear message that the well-being of victims must be prioritized in legal proceedings.


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