Interior Designer Creates a MODERN Retail Space That Feels Like a Home


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Interior Designer Creates a MODERN Retail Space That Feels Like a Home


0:04 | Pip Vasset, the founder and director of IN BED, recently opened a new retail store in Melbourne, Australia.

Creating a Unique Shopping Experience

0:15 | Armadale, where the store is located, is known for its upscale shopping and beautiful residential area.
0:22 | IN BED started as an online store in 2013 and expanded to a retail space in Sydney in 2015, offering a wide range of home products.

Philosophy of the Brand

0:41 | IN BED focuses on creating timeless and responsibly made pieces for the home, including towels, kitchen utensils, nightwear, blankets, and cushions.
0:49 | The store also collaborates with like-minded brands to elevate the home space and provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Designing the Retail Space

1:24 | Working with Flack Studios, known for their love of Melbourne and unique design approach, the store was transformed into a warm and inviting space.
2:15 | The use of terrazzo thresholds, textured wall patterns, brass, black leather, and steel in the store design created a cohesive and welcoming environment.

Creating a Destination Store

3:40 | The thoughtful design elements and personalized touch in the store make it a destination for consumers, celebrating quality and intentionality.


3:54 | IN BED’s new retail space in Melbourne embodies the brand’s values of quality, longevity, and thoughtful design, providing a unique shopping experience that feels like home.


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