How to Go Live on Instagram | How To Use Instagram Live


How to Go Live on Instagram | How To Use Instagram Live

Setting Up Your Instagram Live

Welcome back to the how to channel and we’re on Instagram today guys. We’re going to be talking about how to go live from Instagram. So open up the app, hit the plus button, hit live guys. It’s really cool going live on Instagram, you get a lot of engagement. What you want to do is first give it a title. The title’s got to be catchy so people want to come to your live. You can also change the broadcast audience and rules. You can have a private practice or keep it public. Choose a start time, whether you want to go live now or schedule it for later.

Going Live on Instagram

Once you’re ready, hit the « Go Live » button. You can change the filters if you want, but if you’re ready to go live, check your connection and start broadcasting. You can see it says « Practice » with the option to go live. Hit the cross at the top to stop the broadcast. You can also invite people to join your live. Make sure to like and follow for more how-to videos.

And that’s how you go live on Instagram! Enjoy engaging with your followers and creating great content.


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