KC mom makes school shootings film through parents’ eyes


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KC mom makes school shootings film through parents’ eyes

The inspiration behind the film

Local Kansas City mother, Courtney Quijano, recently completed a short film project that focused on the fear and anxiety parents experience when sending their children to school each day.

A heartbreaking timing

The completion of the film coincided with a tragic school shooting incident, serving as a stark reminder of the all-too-common occurrence of such events. Quijano wanted to use her art as a form of activism to raise awareness and start conversations about the risks parents face.

A portrayal of real emotions

The 12-minute short film depicts a mother and daughter getting ready for school while highlighting the normalized actions and emotions that parents go through. Quijano aimed to show the audience the anxiety and fear that many parents experience on a daily basis.

An activist approach

Through her film, Quijano hopes to shed light on the need for more activism and advocacy to address the issue of school shootings. She believes that by starting conversations and raising awareness, real change can be achieved to ensure the safety of children in schools.


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