How to make a good short video


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How to make a good short video


Here’s my formula for making a good short video. I like getting right to the fucking point with an intro that’s designed to hook people the moment the video starts. So many people do all this unnecessary preamble when most people are gonna smell what The Rock is cookin’ within a few seconds.

Starting strong

I like to start with a hot take that I sincerely believe because it makes people either extremely frustrated, or super validated. Either is fine, I just wanna make you feel something, you know?

Delivering on the intro

Now you’ve got 40 seconds or less to deliver on your intro while continuing to be more interesting than swiping the fucking short video slot machine. I try to make jokes or give a relevant anecdote, like, the reason I’m making this isn’t just because I hit 100,000 subscribers. It’s because I watch a lot of short form video for research, and 99.99999% of it is dogshit.

Ending with impact

And then I close with something memorable, like, a pithy comment, or a thought to ponder, or some sick ass burn. Something that sticks in their mind as it starts the replay and maybe makes them wanna watch again, or share it with their friend groups. In fact, if you want a full demonstration, you can just rewatch this video because I followed all the steps.


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