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# What Men Ask Themselves When Falling in Love

## Introduction
So, what are the thoughts that run through a man’s mind and what questions does he ask himself when he’s falling in love with you? That’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about today. Keep watching.

## About the Author
Hey there, my name is Mathew Boggs and I’m the founder of the Love and Relationships Division of the Brave Thinking Institute, where our mission is empowering people to create and live a life they love. And that includes your love life. So if you like this video, I encourage you to click the Subscribe button, click that little bell because every week we bring you videos to empower you in your love life.

## Questions Men Ask Themselves
Today we’re talking about what men ask themselves when they’re falling in love with you. Whether a man falls in love fast or takes things slow, all men ask themselves these five questions before deciding to give their whole hearts over to their partner.

### 1. How Do I Feel About Her?
The first question a man will ask is, how do I feel about her? Love is more than just a feeling, but this is his starting place. He assesses the connection he has with you and the intensity of that feeling.

### 2. How Do I Feel About Myself When I’m Around Her?
The second question is, how do I feel about myself when I’m around her? A man must feel good about himself in your presence. Feeling inadequate is kryptonite to him falling in love.

### 3. Is This What I Want at This Stage in My Life?
The third question is, is this what I want at this stage in my life? A man will look at where he is in his career, dating life, and if he’s ready for a commitment. If he wants something special with you, he will lean in.

### 4. Do I Have What It Takes to Make Her Happy?
The fourth question is, do I have what it takes to make her happy? A man’s sense of worth in a relationship comes from his ability to provide you with the experience you want in all aspects of the relationship.

If you’d like to learn more about how to have these conversations with him, check out the Manifest Your Man program linked below.

Remember, understanding these questions can help you navigate your relationship and empower you in your love life.


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