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# Unpacking the Best Highlights from Past Halloween Videos

## Introduction
Hey, this is Mat Boggs, and we have something special for you today. We have a bit of a tradition here at this channel, where every year around Halloween time, we bring you a special Halloween video to add some entertainment into your life and hopefully bring you some good teaching along the way. Today, we are unpacking the best of the highlights from our past Halloween videos just for you.

## Mat Boggs and Halloween
My name is Mat Boggs, the co-founder of the Brave Thinking Institute and the founder of our Love & Relationships Division. Every week we bring you videos to empower you in your love life. If you like this video, I encourage you to hit that Subscribe button and click that little bell so that every week you get notified on the newest videos that we’re creating for you. This particular video highlights over the past series of years something that I love, which is Halloween. I love to take my kids trick or treating, and I find it a really fun holiday. So, I always thought of creative ways to bring Halloween videos into the topic of love and relationships.

## Nightmare on Date Street
The first series of Halloween videos we did was called Nightmare on Date Street. We featured women’s horrible date stories to show that if you go on a horrible date, you’re not alone. Let’s share a couple of clips from Nightmare on Date Street, specifically from volume two. One story was about a date leaning in for a kiss and whispering, « Don’t be afraid if my tooth falls out. » Another story was about a man ordering the most expensive meal, going to wash his hands, and never coming back.

## Zombies and Facing Fear
Moving forward from Nightmare on Date Street, we decided to bring a deeper concept involving zombies. We found a way to tie in zombies with facing fear. Often, when we fear something, the fear never actually comes true. So, we created a video where I’m getting attacked by zombies, but then I pull out a flashlight and shine the light of truth on the fear, making it disappear. We shot the scene in Huntington Beach, California, and none of those zombies were actually there. It was all about facing fear and shining the light of truth.

In conclusion, Halloween videos can be a fun and creative way to explore deeper concepts like facing fear and sharing stories of terrible dates. These videos not only entertain but also provide valuable lessons for our love lives. Stay tuned for more Halloween videos and empowering content from Mat Boggs.


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