‘A bucket list thing’: Niagara Falls USA prepares for visitors for solar eclipse



A bucket list thing: Niagara Falls USA prepares for visitors for solar eclipse

Thrilling Opportunity for Skydivers

On April 8th, thrill-seekers will have the chance to skydive during a rare total solar eclipse over Niagara Falls. Jason Berger, the owner of the skydive, is excited about the event. More than 30 people have already signed up for the experience, which sold out within 7 minutes. Stephen Hatz from Queens is one of the dozens who will be skydiving that day, making it his second jump during an eclipse.

Anticipated Tourism Boost

Niagara Falls is expecting a major boost in tourism during the solar eclipse. With close to a million people projected to visit the area, businesses and attractions are preparing for the influx of visitors. Sarah Harvey from Destination Niagara USA mentions that they have been planning for this event for years, from ordering eclipse glasses to designing commemorative merchandise.

Exciting Activities for Visitors

Aside from skydiving and eclipse viewing, NASA will also be offering programs at Niagara Falls State Park, with astronauts on hand to interact with visitors. The event promises to be a memorable experience, set against the backdrop of the spectacular natural scenery of Niagara Falls.


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