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# How to Make Your Man Addicted to You
## Understanding the Addictive Behavior

Have you ever wondered what causes addictive behavior in humans? What is it that social media, casinos, and video games have figured out to compel human behavior? It turns out, there is a predictive formula for creating addiction, as explained in the book « Hooked. » In this article, we will explore three behaviors that can make your man addicted to you.

## The Power of Fun

The first behavior that can draw men to you and make them want to spend more time with you is fun. While women often associate feeling safe and secure with a fulfilling relationship, men prioritize having fun. By creating fun and light-hearted experiences with your man, you can increase his desire for you and strengthen your bond.

## The Importance of Investment

As humans, we value what we put effort into, a concept known as the « IKEA effect. » Just like assembling their own furniture makes people value it more, investing time and effort into a relationship can increase its worth. By setting standards and allowing your man to invest in the relationship, you can make him value your connection even more.

## Setting Standards for Investment

Your standards act as opportunities for your man to invest in the relationship. By communicating your expectations and allowing him to earn his way to certain milestones, such as a date or intimacy, you can deepen his desire for you. Holding your standards and requiring him to invest in the relationship will make him appreciate and value your connection even more.

In conclusion, by prioritizing fun, encouraging investment, and setting standards in your relationship, you can make your man addicted to you in a positive and fulfilling way. Remember, addiction doesn’t always have to be negative – it can also be a result of healthy and constructive behaviors in a loving relationship.


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