What if « The Amazing World Of Gumball » was an anime


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# What if « The Amazing World Of Gumball » was an anime

## Introduction
« The Amazing World of Gumball » is a popular animated series loved by many. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if this show was turned into an anime? In a recent video posted on YouTube, we catch a glimpse of this alternate reality.

## The Video
The video starts with the familiar characters introducing themselves. From Gumball Watterson to Darwin Watterson, the quirky cast sets the stage for what is to come. The video captures the essence of the original show while adding an anime twist to it.

## Baby Anais Ad
One of the highlights of the video is the commercial featuring Baby Anais. The adorable doll comes to life in a catchy jingle, showcasing her love for cookies and milk. However, things take a hilarious turn as Baby Anais struggles to maintain her composure, leading to a comedic moment.

## The Anai-lator
The video takes a creative turn with the introduction of the Anai-lator. A powerful force to be reckoned with, the Anai-lator showcases her martial arts skills in a series of impressive moves. From destroying cars to buildings, nothing can stand in the way of this pint-sized powerhouse.

## Conclusion
As the video comes to an end, we are left with a sense of wonder at the possibility of « The Amazing World of Gumball » being reimagined as an anime. The blend of humor, action, and charm in the video hints at the potential for a successful crossover. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see a full-fledged anime adaptation of this beloved show.


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