A Theorists’s Overview of MYM (Episode 4)



# A Theorists’s Overview of MYM (Episode 4)

## Introduction
Hello everybrony, I am LightningStripe, and today, let’s take a look at episode 4! Unlike the previous episode, this one’s full of information! Both about Opaline and Sunny’s power.

## Sunny’s Struggle
Sunny tries to apply some new ideas on Maretime, but ponies start only listening to her when she’s in her alicorn form, and she starts to struggle with this. Strangely, ponies start to see Alicorn-Sunny and Earth-pony-Sunny as if they were two different ponies, and she starts wishing people would just listen to her for being herself, not an Alicorn; and this is something a lot of us suffer with.

## Opaline’s Manipulation
Once Opaline gets a hold of this news, she uses the mirror that they gave Sunny to speak to her, using a spell to make mirror-her look exactly like the orange earth pony. She pretends to be Sunny’s “inner voice” and tries to get Sunny to harness her magic straight from the source, trying to manipulate her to be an ally.

## Opaline’s Anger
Opaline keeps talking about herself and alicorns as if they’re a different tribe, once calling Sunny “a disgrace to her kind.” She grows angrier and discards her plan of bringing Sunny to her side.

## Conclusion
At the very end of the episode, we see Opaline start to pull out something from the pool, but the scene changes before we get a good look. If I’m to guess, it looked like a horn, though it could be a magical artifact from the past, or one she created.

## Final Thoughts
Sunny finally realized that she doesn’t need to be an alicorn for ponies to like her. Another big lore drop comes yet again from Sunny’s room: a book titled “Mythical Creatures.” Seems like I’ll have to do another video on the other kingdoms sometime soon. What do you think? What is up with that pool? When is Opaline finally going to stop forcing Misty to do her dirty work? What’s up next for our adorable blueberry pony? And what does that book mean? Leave your thoughts down below in the comments, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe, and, as always, remember, Friendship is Magic.


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