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# Max’s Guide to Touchy-Feely Social Interaction

## Introduction
My name’s Max. I’m a twenty-one year old lad from Liverpool whose three main passions in life are Rick and Morty, Cheesy Wotsit butties, and my pet lizard, Charizard. Like many people, I’ve had ups and downs over the past year, but one thing I strangely appreciate is the two metre rule. Social touch has always made me anxious, even during my transition, especially with other lads. After talking to my mates, I realized I’m not alone. So, I present to you: Max’s Guide to Touchy-Feely Social Interaction for lads everywhere.

## The Nod
The first greeting is « The Nod, » a simple upward motion of the head with hands firmly in pocket. It’s a no-touch greeting perfect for passing acquaintances.

## The Handshake
The handshake is a formal greeting loaded with testosterone. Squeezing hard, holding the hand, and the power dynamics can be overwhelming. It’s something I’m avoiding to steer clear of toxic masculinity.

## The Fist Bump
The Fist Bump can feel cringe if not authentic to you. Only partake if you’re comfortable with it.

## The High Five
The High Five can be used as a greeting, but it’s not my go-to. It’s more of an ironic celebration for me.

## The Palm Grab (DAP)
The Palm Grab or DAP is a comfortable greeting I use with my mates. It’s simple and not too formal, but watch out for the Palm Grab and Bro Hug combo.

## The Hug
Full-on hugs are not really my style, but they can be comforting for those on the touchy-feely end of the spectrum.

## Conclusion
Navigating greetings as a masculine individual can be tricky, but finding what works best for you and others is key. Communication and understanding are essential, especially when it comes to greeting friends like Daisy. It’s important to find a balance that respects boundaries and identities without resorting to toxic behavior.


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