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# Signs That Your Man is in Love With You

## Introduction
So let’s chat about what men do when they are just in love with you. What does your man do? How does he show up? What does he say? What are his behaviors? Because in relationships, you wanna make sure that you’re investing your time, your energy, your focus, your love, your heart with someone who is reciprocating. With someone who is gonna meet you where you are. So what are the signs that your man is in love with you? Today we’re gonna talk about seven undeniable signs to help give you that clarity that says, yeah, this is a man I wanna pour my focus and energy into. And what I love about each one of these signs is they’re actually behaviors. They’re not just things that he says. And while that is important you want a man who can vocalize how he feels and his emotions for you. What these are, are his behaviors. And if you wanna know where a man’s intention is just look at how he’s behaving. If he’s hungry, he’s in the kitchen getting food. If he’s tired, he’s in the bed, he’s going to sleep. Men do not send you mixed messages through their behavior. So that’s the one clear way where you can see an undeniable sign of how he feels.

## Making Time for You
The first behavior is that he makes time for you. In other words, every one of us we prioritize what matters most. And the way we prioritize it is investing the one most limited commodity we have, which is our time. So the guy who isn’t that into you you’re gonna see him talk a good game. He’s gonna talk about how amazing you are but I’ve got this big work project. He’s gonna talk about how awesome you are and how into you he is, but he’s traveling for work this week and he’s just so exhausted. He’s gonna stay home and and just relax. Or he is got the kids this weekend. The one thing that you cannot mistake as an undeniable sign is he is carving out time for you. In other words, he’s pushing off work, he’s pushing off the project, he’s able to say I’ve got my kids, but meet me at this park or whatever. He’s able to create time for you that matters.

### Prime Time vs. Crumb Time
Is he giving you prime time or is he giving you crumb time? Prime time is the nice thing. Your most socially want to go out and you’re choosing who do I want to go out on my Friday night with, my Saturday night with, my Sunday afternoons with? These types of things are prime time. So is he asking you out for those times or is it a Tuesday lunch date? Is it like, oh I could squeeze you in between here or there.

## Meeting Your Sexual Standard
The second sign that your man is in love with you is he’s willing to meet your sexual standard. In other words, if you’re the kind of person that you wanna wait to have sex until you’re in a committed relationship, he’s willing to be there with you. He’s willing to delay sex in order to be with you. Because being in a relationship with you is way more important to him than just having sex up front and fast. He’s not gonna guilt you. He’s not gonna shame you. He’s not gonna try to put all that make you wrong for wanting that. He’s willing to respect that.

By paying attention to these behaviors, you’ll be able to determine if your man is truly in love with you and willing to prioritize your needs and desires in the relationship.


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