How to Find a Great Man | Mat Boggs Interviews Matthew Hussey Get The Guy, Ready For Love


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# How to Find a Great Man | Mat Boggs Interviews Matthew Hussey Get The Guy, Ready For Love

## The Expert Dating Coach

Matthew Hussey, known as the premier dating coach on the globe, has been making waves in the world of relationships. With his expertise, he was chosen by NBC to be the dating and matchmaking expert on the show « Ready for Love, » hosted by Eva Longoria. Hussey’s unique approach to understanding men and relationships has helped countless women find love in their lives.

## From Working with Men to Helping Women

Hussey initially started working with men, helping thousands of them improve their dating lives. However, after seeing the success of his male clients in finding meaningful relationships, women started approaching him for advice. Despite his initial hesitation, Hussey decided to create Get the Guy, an organization focused on helping women understand men better. He believes that by speaking the language of men and understanding their behavior, women can dramatically increase their chances of finding love.

## Understanding Men Better

Hussey’s work is based on the idea that many women struggle in relationships because they don’t fully understand men. By delving into the reasons behind men’s choices and actions, such as why they pursue certain women and not others, why they treat some with respect and others with indifference, Hussey helps women navigate the complexities of male behavior. His insights have helped countless women improve their relationships and find lasting love.

In conclusion, Matthew Hussey’s expertise in dating and relationships has made him a sought-after expert in the field. By helping women understand men better, he has empowered countless individuals to find meaningful connections and lasting love.


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