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# How to Make Confident Decisions in Life

## Introduction
Making a decision can often put us in anxiety. Is it the right decision? Should I do this or that? How do you make a decision and be confident and at peace that you’re not gonna regret that choice later? Today, I’m going to share with you an exact process to do just that.

## The Importance of Decisions
Decisions are often at crossroads in our life. Should you continue to see him? Should you continue to date him? Should you say no to him? Or should you go for what you love? Should you change careers? All of these points.

## Trusting Your Inner Voice
When making a decision, don’t consult logic, consult the life within you, and it speaks to you in a still, small voice. Your still, small voice never shouts at you, it’s like a feather’s touch. Calm yourself and listen to that voice.

## Do What Gives You Life
One key principle in making decisions is to do what gives you life. You will feel which path brings you more life and which path brings you more constriction, more heaviness. Follow the path that feels more life-giving, even if it doesn’t make logical sense.

## A Personal Story
A personal story shared by the speaker highlights the importance of following the path that gives you life. Despite the logical choice of becoming a doctor, he chose to become a teacher based on his intuition. This decision led him on a path of expansion and fulfillment.

## Embracing Intuition
Trusting your intuition and following what gives you life can lead to unexpected opportunities and experiences. By listening to his inner voice, the speaker found himself on a spiritual pilgrimage in India, where he encountered a yogi who confirmed the importance of following one’s true path.

In conclusion, making confident decisions in life requires listening to your inner voice, following what gives you life, and trusting in the path of expansion and fulfillment. By embracing intuition and letting go of logical constraints, you can create a life you love.


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