Can You Hear Me Now Documentary Short Film MYM


Can You Hear Me Now Documentary Short Film

Stuck in Limbo

For the past 10 years, I’ve been stuck in limbo, not knowing whether I’ll get deported, be able to work again, or live a normal life. Arriving in the UK at nine years old from Zimbabwe to escape an abusive household, I was granted temporary right to remain as a child. However, my work permit was taken away, and the Home Office has spent five years deciding my fate. This uncertainty has left me in the dark, unable to go to university or receive governmental support.

Lost in the System

My former work permit allowed me to work in the NHS, but now I can’t work at all. I feel like the government sees me as just another number in a backlogged system, with no concern for my well-being. Despite my earliest memories and experiences being in England, I am not recognized as a resident and face the threat of deportation.

Survival in the Streets

Without a work permit, I am unable to travel or legally work, leaving me with limited options for survival. Forced to navigate the harsh reality of life on the streets, I have witnessed violence, addiction, and desperation. In this environment, adapting or dying becomes the only choice, as I struggle to find a sense of security and stability.

Music as a Lifeline

Despite the challenges I face, music, especially hip-hop, has become a lifeline for me. It transcends social barriers and gives voice to the voiceless. Through the power of music and poetry, I find solace and strength to navigate the complexities of my situation, embodying resilience and resistance in the face of adversity.


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