A Theorists’s Overview of MYM (Episode 3)



A Theorists’s Overview of MYM (Episode 3)

Character Development for Zipp and Pipp

There honestly wasn’t much in this one for theories. Yes, a lot of character development for Zipp and Pipp, which I loved, but barely anything we can use theory wise until the very end. Zipp seems to be trying very hard to figure out what Twilight’s message meant, but since it’s “Royal Portrait Day », her search gets interrupted.

Opaline’s Plan

Opaline sees that they’re trying to dig around for info, and sends Misty to distract the two pegasi, which she does by sending them on a wild goose chase for a flower. Meanwhile, Sunny is left to keep Queen Haven distracted from her daughters, and the queen ends up singing an amazing song. Honestly, I was expecting her voice to be awful just for the laughs, but she’s really good!

Opaline’s Transformation

After they get free though, Misty has to return with the news to Opaline, who isn’t happy about it. She decides that it’s finally time for her to step in. At this, the little pool in front of her throne shimmers and her reflection changes into Sunny’s. “Opaline is Chrysalis” theory question mark? It’s obvious her plan is to take on the form of Sunny and go mess around in Maretime, but I don’t remember any spells that allow for shapeshifting, it’s always been something only Changelings could do, so maybe she stole their magic?! It’s a possibility, and it was her plan, after all. But it’s too early to tell.

Discussion Questions

But what do you think? Did you like the song? Do you want more Misty? What’s Opaline planning to do? Leave your thoughts down below in the comments, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe, and, as always, remember, Friendship is Magic.


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