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# 5 Secret Ways to Ignite His Attraction

## Showing Interest

Attraction is not something that just happens on its own. There is a skillset to dating and igniting attraction. One secret way to ignite his attraction is to show interest. Many women have been conditioned to play hard to get, but showing interest can actually draw him in. Complimenting him and letting him know that it takes a special guy to win your heart can create a beautiful contrast that sparks attraction.

## Eye Contact and Smile

Another powerful way to ignite attraction in him is through eye contact and a smile. When you gaze into someone’s eyes and hold that eye contact, it releases oxytocin and love hormones, helping you fall in love with the other person. Men may not always pick up on subtle cues, so exaggerating your eye contact and smile can go a long way in igniting his attraction.

## Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to igniting attraction, but it’s important to understand what true confidence looks like. Authenticity is a major component of confidence – being yourself and not putting on a facade of perfection. Men are looking for a best friend they are sexually attracted to, someone they can be themselves around. So, being confident in who you are can be a major turn on for him.

Stay tuned for the remaining secrets to ignite his attraction!


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