The Build Up | Drama Short Film


The Build Up | Drama Short Film

Cheating on the block with J still

Walk in the room make their head spin, that’s not a ting bro I’m serious its J man.

Whos that

Its Mason still, tell him to allow it fam, hurry up tho man you’re taking your time, right say nothing.

Just chilling on the block

What you been saying tho bro, just chilling on the block man, literary man, I’m tired of it, gets like that man.

Trying to be like you man

Im trying to be like you man, what you trying to get like that? I’ll bring you on set bro, seriously, appreciate it.

Excited ting

Man this thing’s excited ting, don’t get excited just cuz your little brother’s a bad man or ordinate man, don’t mean you cannot like it, it’ll be ridiculous thing yeah.

Location required

Listen I need a location, hey listen after we, you’re stupid brethren went to go take my nickel so, I need a location from you now for the first of the talk to me like that and to all know, where they are breath let’s go brother listen I know you know where they hang five bills right now.

The End

You, you.


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