Lego Ninjago Combo Charger Poşet Açılışı, İncelemesi ve Hızlı Yapımı (2.Model Dahil) – Set #30536


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# Lego Ninjago Combo Charger Poşet Açılışı, İncelemesi ve Hızlı Yapımı (2.Model Dahil) – Set #30536

## Polybag Sets in the Lego Universe
In this video, we will review one of the cheapest and smallest Lego sets. In Lego universe, these are called polybag sets. Personally, I like polybags. As there are no boxes, they become cheaper and they also give you a teaser of what’s to come in their themes. Of course, they are neither complicated nor detailed but for an affordable price, they give you the chance of collecting legos.

## Ninjago Theme under the Subtheme of Legacy
The set we review belongs to the Ninjago theme under the subtheme of Legacy. It comes with 71 pieces and 2 models can be built with it. The first one is the combo charger, and the other one is the mini kai fighter. Instructions and pieces are present in the polybag, and there are no stickers. Instructions are only available for the combo charger model, while the 2nd model’s instructions can be downloaded from the internet.

## Building the Models
Let’s start building the first model and then the second model. Both models have a nice design, and the set is 71 pieces, which really increases the piece/price ratio. Back in May 2020, the piece/price ratio was 0,40TL (approximately 5.4 cents). As of January 2020, it is now 0,45TL (approximately 6 cents), and it is still a great ratio. These polybags are the ideal choice if you don’t want to spend a lot on Lego. I recommend this set.

## Conclusion
I have a weakness for Lego since childhood, whatever they do I always like it. To support us, please like the video and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching!


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