DC Cherry Blossoms in the Rain! – Mym’s Adventures in DC! #1



DC Cherry Blossoms in the Rain! – Mym’s Adventures in DC! #1

Braving the Elements

Of all the days that I could have picked to go out and see the cherry blossoms in DC, it had to be the rainiest and coldest day. Despite the less than ideal weather, I made my way to the metro station, facing the dreaded « stairs of doom » and an out-of-order elevator.

Arrival at the Mall

After a long train ride and a transfer, I finally arrived at the mall where the cherry blossom festival was taking place. I carefully navigated around the huge puddles, determined not to get my socks wet. The anticipation of attending the festival had been building since I first learned about it upon moving to DC.

Taking in the Sights

As I approached the festivities, I was met with an amazing view and the sweet smell of cherry blossoms in the air. Despite the slow turnout due to the rain, the experience was still enjoyable, albeit a bit strange without the usual crowd. I made a mental note to return with money next time to indulge in the delicious offerings available at the festival.

Seeking Shelter

To escape the cold and wet weather, I found refuge at the information tent where I had the chance to warm up and chat with a friendly park ranger. We even discussed the upcoming Awesome Con in June, sparking excitement for future adventures in DC.


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