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# Bára in Paris #2 – IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING

## A Day in the Life of Bára
Bára starts her day early, waking up an hour and twenty minutes earlier than usual to prepare for training. Despite the early start, she is excited and offers to buy coffee for her companion. As they head out for training, Bára shares that she usually gets up around 7:45 to be at the training center by 8:45 for breakfast with the team. She admits to not knowing much French but has picked up a few phrases to get by.

## Training and Life in Paris
Bára discusses her training routine and the importance of upcoming matches against top teams like Real Madrid and Lyon. She expresses confidence in her abilities and reflects on the support she receives from her teammates. When asked about the differences between Prague and Paris, Bára acknowledges the unique charms of both cities.

## Dreams and Aspirations
Bára opens up about her love for football, tracing it back to her childhood and the influence of her grandfather. She shares her dreams of playing in championship finals with the national squad and in the Champions League. With her recent transfer to Paris, Bára feels closer to achieving these goals and remains optimistic about the future.

## Conclusion
As the day comes to an end, Bára reflects on her journey and the support she receives from fans. She shares her gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead, emphasizing the motto « IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. » With dreams of success on the field and a growing fan base, Bára continues to inspire others with her determination and passion for football.


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