Miss Mother-in-law! Days of selling agricultural products and cooking. Family happiness


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# Miss Mother-in-law! Days of selling agricultural products and cooking

## A Day at the Market
Grapefruit is ripe, Mom um Today I will pick grapefruit to sell at the market yes. Grapefruit is so delicious, and I can help you pick grapefruits to sell at the market. Well, just stay home and finish your work, Mom, and I can go to the market. Dad gets grapefruit for his daughter and invites Mom to join. Dad goes to work while Mom and daughter head to the market to sell grapefruits.

## Choosing the Best Fruits
At the market, they carefully select sweet grapefruits and discuss the best ways to enjoy them. The longer the fruit sits, the better it tastes. They also buy apples and enjoy the sweetness of the fruits they picked.

## Family Bonding Through Cooking
Back home, the family reunites for a meal. The daughter helps her father cook while the mother prepares ingredients. They share a heartwarming meal together, showcasing love and care for each other.

## Rainy Day Plans
During a rainy day, the family stays at home, preparing delicious dishes like hanging meat for Tet. The daughter helps her mother with chores and enjoys spending time with her family.

## Savoring Every Moment
As the day ends, the family cherishes the moments spent together, sharing laughter and love. The daughter’s helpfulness and the parents’ cooking create a warm and joyful atmosphere in the household.

This day filled with selling agricultural products and cooking showcases the bond and happiness within the family.


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