Dermapen Micro Needling Treatment | MYM VS DR PEN


Dermapen Micro Needling Treatment | MYM VS DR PEN


Hi Guys, Assalamualaikum and welcome back to my channel. So, just a quick sharing about dermapen. I just wanna show you.. two different two types of dermapen, this is a Dr Pen and this one is MYM. So, both are plugged Dermapen.

What’s Inside the Box

So what you will get inside the box for dermapen is a manual guide, 2 needle cartridges, plug, usb cable and dermapen. And for MYM, as you can see in my previous video, you will get 2 needle cartridges, user manual, plug, usb cable and pen.

Differences Between Dr Pen and MYM

Let me show you the differences between Dr Pen and MYM. This is Dr Pen and this one is MYM. Dr Pen is made from metal and MYM is made from plastic. Both are good, but Dr Pen is highly requested even from the SPAs. The speed level for Dr Pen is 6 and for MYM it is 5.

Adjustable Needle Size

The good thing about dermapen compared to dermaroller is that you can adjust the needle size during the session. For Dr Pen, you can use from 0.25mm-3.0mm, and for MYM, you can use from 0.25mm-2.5mm. You can use this for a long term and also this package comes with a warranty.

Where to Get Dermapen

If you’d like to get this stuff, you can check the link down below. I will put the link down below on where to get this stuff (dermapen). So, that’s it and I hope you enjoy this video. For more information about this, you can check our website.


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