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Importance of Oral Health and Dental Care – MYM’s 600th Program


In a recent episode of MindyourMindwithStephenraj’s 600th program, the importance of oral health and dental care was highlighted. The discussion centered around various topics related to oral hygiene and its impact on overall health.

Oral Biology – A New Subject

During the program, the speaker introduced oral biology as a new subject of interest. This field of study focuses on the intricacies of the oral cavity and its relationship to overall health. Researchers shared their findings and insights on this emerging subject.

Submucous Fibrosis and Treatment

One of the key topics discussed was submucous fibrosis, a condition that affects the tissues in the mouth. The speaker mentioned that in some cases, treatment with medication can lead to improvement. However, more severe cases may require surgical intervention, such as removing fibrotic tissue and performing skin grafts or flap surgeries.

Preventative Measures

The discussion also touched on the importance of preventative measures to maintain oral health. The use of certain powders by some individuals, particularly in North India and industrial workers, was highlighted as a potential risk factor for oral health issues. It was emphasized that promoting good oral hygiene practices is essential in preventing such conditions.


In conclusion, the 600th program of MindyourMindwithStephenraj shed light on the significance of oral health and dental care. By raising awareness about oral biology, discussing treatment options for conditions like submucous fibrosis, and emphasizing preventative measures, the program highlighted the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene for overall health and well-being.


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