Spear MYM Event



Spear MYM Event

Acknowledging Christine’s Remarkable Work

Christine Robinson has truly been phenomenal in helping clients achieve their goals. She has effortlessly guided high-level clients to become best-selling authors, showcasing her expertise and dedication to their success.

An Endorsement from Christopher Duncan

Christopher Duncan, founder of PointB Education and a #1 bestselling author, commends Christine for her exceptional work in launching numerous best-selling books. He emphasizes the importance of becoming an authority in your field, highlighting Christine’s role in helping individuals achieve this status.

The Power of Clarity and Strategy

Attendees of Christine’s workshops have shared their experiences of gaining clarity and a strategic roadmap for their ideas and goals. By participating in her workshops, individuals have been able to streamline their thoughts and effectively communicate their message to their target audience.

Empowering Dreams and Goals

For those with dreams and goals but lacking a structured plan, Christine’s workshops offer the necessary guidance to turn aspirations into reality. By attending her events, participants can access valuable insights and resources to propel their projects forward.


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