Jennette McCurdy Reveals Why She Named Her Memoir « I’m Glad My Mom Died » | The Drew Barrymore Show


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# Conversation with Jennette McCurdy: Unpacking Her Bold Memoir

## A Humorous Approach to a Complicated Relationship
Former child actor Jennette McCurdy, known for her roles in Nickelodeon shows like iCarly and Sam and Kat, has recently released a best-selling memoir titled « I’m Glad My Mom Died. » This bold and humorous approach delves into her complicated relationship with her mother, sparking conversations and resonating with readers.

## The Journey to Honesty and Bravery
Jennette’s book has topped the best seller list for eight weeks in a row, showcasing not only her honesty and bravery but also the valuable lessons she has learned and earned. The title itself, though divisive, aims to grab attention and shed light on the reality of parental abuse.

## Telling Uncomfortable Truths
In a candid conversation, Jennette shares insights on the importance of speaking one’s truth, even if it means facing guilt and shame. She emphasizes the need to navigate these emotions and recognize the value of honesty, even if it leads to the end of certain relationships.

## Finding Humor in Darkness
With comedy as a coping mechanism, Jennette highlights the importance of humor in navigating dark and heavy topics. She and the interviewer bond over their shared belief that a balance of drama and humor in storytelling adds depth and authenticity to personal narratives.

## Unpacking the Past through Therapy
Jennette opens up about her therapy journey and the process of unpacking her past, particularly her relationship with her mother. Initially defensive, she learned to confront her feelings and experiences without disclaiming or justifying them, leading to personal growth and healing.

This conversation with Jennette McCurdy offers a glimpse into the transformative power of honesty, humor, and self-discovery in navigating complex relationships and personal struggles. Her bold approach to storytelling serves as an inspiration for those seeking to unpack their own truths and find healing along the way.


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