[TF2] The Invasion Aftermath


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# Team Fortress 2 Invasion: A Blast from the Past

## The Leaks and Launch of Invasion
Invasion, an update like no other that brought us the classic alien-invader theme, took the Team Fortress 2 community by storm. The leaks leading up to the launch on October 6th, 2015, created immense excitement among fans. The unintentional full SFM leak in the summer beforehand hinted at what was to come, and the teaser posters hidden in maps added to the anticipation.

## Changes in Maps and Gamemodes
Invasion introduced the first official non-halloween event map, 2Fort_Invasion, with a crashed saucer and quarantine zones for the teams. The addition of the « Player_Destruction » gamemode brought a new dynamic to gameplay, with players collecting beer bottles and delivering them to the spaceship. The introduction of this gamemode also gave birth to the iconic phrase, « We are in the Beam. »

## Items and Unusuals
The update also brought limited unusual effects, themed weapon skins, and the first event-themed taunt, the Burst Chester. The introduction of the Invasion pass made these items exclusive to those who purchased it, adding a new layer of excitement to the update.

## Behind-the-Scenes
The development of Invasion involved mapping and cosmetic contests, with over a hundred submitted cosmetics and themed weapon skins. The project lead, « The Ronin, » and other contributors worked tirelessly to bring the update to life, showcasing the dedication of the Team Fortress 2 community.

## The Controversy
However, the lack of a structured system for compensation created controversy among contributors, highlighting the challenges of collaborative community updates. The issue of fair compensation and recognition for individual efforts remains a topic of discussion within the Team Fortress 2 community.

In conclusion, Team Fortress 2 Invasion was a milestone update that captured the imagination of fans and showcased the creativity and dedication of the community. Despite the controversies and challenges faced during its development, the update remains a testament to the passion and talent of the Team Fortress 2 community.


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