Is flying in all of us?: Mike McGrath at TEDxCanberra


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Is flying in all of us?: Mike McGrath at TEDxCanberra

Exploring the Possibility of Flying

Can we fly? And by « we, » I mean everyone on Earth. Parachutists have a saying: « If being in a plane is flying, then being in a boat is swimming! » Think about it. Experts suggest that the ability to swim may be partially innate in every human being. Similarly, I believe that the ability to fly may also be partially innate in every human being.

Technology Making Flying Possible

With the advancements in technology, the dream of flying is now possible not just for aviation pioneers, extremists, and adrenaline junkies, but for everyone. Vertical wind tunnels have been built around the world in the last decade, with plans for more in Australia. Children as young as 3 can experience real flight in these environments, acquiring flying skills in a matter of hours that would take others years to learn.

Children Embracing Flight

Children like Noah, Kaleigh, Monsaur, and Saif, aged between 5 and 10, are already mastering the art of flying. Thanks to this technology, the natural ability to fly is being unlocked in children at an early age, allowing them to soar through the air effortlessly.

Unlocking Our Innate Potential

It is fascinating to see children embrace flying with such ease, raising the question of whether every child has a natural capacity to fly. Providing every child with the opportunity to experience flight could unlock their innate potential and turn their dream of flying into a reality. When these wind tunnels open across Australia, I encourage everyone to step out and see if they can unleash a part of their own innate ability to fly.

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