Can Be (2023) | Drama Short Film | MYM


# Can Be (2023) | Drama Short Film | MYM

## Introduction
The short film « Can Be » explores the themes of grief, family dynamics, and communication. Through a series of therapy sessions, the characters Nora and Fiaz delve into their past traumas and emotions, shedding light on their inner struggles and the complexities of their relationship.

## The Therapy Session
The film opens with Nora and Fiaz attending a therapy session with June, where they are encouraged to explore their emotions in a safe space. June emphasizes the importance of honesty and vulnerability in the therapeutic process, offering a listening ear without judgment.

## Facing Past Traumas
During the session, Nora and Fiaz engage in an exercise where they visualize a time in their lives when they felt inferior or ashamed. Nora recalls her younger self feeling like a failure, while Fiaz connects with his scared seven-year-old self under a tree. The exercise prompts deep reflection and emotional revelations.

## Family Dynamics
As the session progresses, Nora and Fiaz share their thoughts and feelings about their family dynamics, particularly in relation to their late father. They express regret and longing for missed opportunities to connect and support each other, highlighting the impact of unresolved emotions on their relationship.

## Unresolved Grief
The film culminates in a poignant moment where Fiaz expresses his deep sadness and longing for Nora’s presence during their father’s final moments. He reveals the pain of feeling alone and unfulfilled in his grief, underscoring the importance of communication and support in times of loss.

## Conclusion
« Can Be » is a touching exploration of grief, family bonds, and the power of emotional expression. Through the characters of Nora and Fiaz, the film portrays the complexities of human relationships and the healing potential of facing past traumas with honesty and compassion.


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