I LOST MY BEST FRIEND! (Official Music Video)


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I LOST MY BEST FRIEND! (Official Music Video)

The Search Begins

Hey family I have a problem! I’ve been feeling really sad lately because I lost my best friend! Have you ever lost something really important to you? Something you really wish you could get back? Well that is why I am here asking for your help. Because I thought maybe, just maybe if we work together you can help me find what I’m looking for. Kinda like a giant game of hide and go seek except this one is serious.

Where Could He Be?

I lost my cuddle buddy (my buddy, my buddy) I miss my cuddle buddy (my buddy, my buddy) Where is my cuddle buddy? (my buddy my buddy) Could be with Huggy Wuggy, that big blue woo woo fuzzy! Hunted in the jungle.. Nowhere to be found. Looked under the water.. Screamed his name, no sound! Fly eye eye, on a plane he go.. Could be on a flight to Tokyo!

A Surprising Discovery

Searched the world from bread to bread. But look what we found.. Under his bed! Fly eye eye on a spaceship he go. My buddy’s on a flight to space AYE YO


I found my cuddle buddy (my buddy, my buddy) The sun be sussy wussy (so sussy, so sussy) My little Baby Nuggy So cozy, cute, and cuddly!

After a long and difficult search, I was finally reunited with my cuddle buddy. It just goes to show that with determination and help from others, anything is possible. Thank you to everyone who supported me during this challenging time.


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