This Is Flower, The Dumb Robot Pony.


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This Is Flower, The Dumb Robot Pony.


Meet Flower, the artificial intelligence horse who is designed to take care of children while their parents are away from home. Let’s see how Flower showcases her talents in various tasks.

Flower’s Talent Display

Flower is tasked to kick a ball, but instead, she seems lazy and uninterested in following instructions. Her owner then tries to engage her in a simpler task of putting a disc in the CD player, but Flower ends up trying to eat the disc instead.

Challenges and Frustration

Despite several attempts to engage Flower in different activities like playing chess, she continues to act in an erratic and uncooperative manner. Her owner expresses frustration and disappointment in Flower’s behavior, ultimately deciding to send her to the scrap yard.


Flower’s inability to perform basic tasks and her erratic behavior lead to her being labeled as a « dumb robot pony » by her owner. The video showcases the limitations of artificial intelligence and the challenges of creating robots with human-like abilities.


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